Parking Permits

parking permit map

Parking permit information

Things to know:

  • Permit applications can be obtained at Borough Hall Finance Department, 100 E. High Street, 2nd floor or online
  • Residents age 60 and over receive a 50% discount - proof required
  • Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis - not guaranteed
  • Posted maximum parking time limits do not apply to parking permit holders
  • Parking permits are valid for any parking spaces within the designated zone or lots except where 30-minute parking is posted. Permits are valid for handicapped spaces provided you also have a valid disability placard

Public Parking Lot Permits (Lots 1-6) : 

Available to any residents, businesses, employees, and visitors parking in any numbered public parking lot regardless of mailing address. Please see map for numbered lot locations. 

Rates:               $15.00 Monthly             $40.00 Quarterly             $150.00 Annually

On-Street Permits:

All on-street permit applications must include the following documentation in order to process your application:

  • For All On-Street Applications: A valid vehicle registration card and valid driver’s license
  • Residential On-Street Permits: Proof of residence in the form of a government issued identification or temporary identification. The legal address of your residence determines the zone in which you are eligible to park (See address locations below)
  • Business or Employee On-Street Permits: Proof of employment provided with an employee identification card or paystub which displays the address of the employment location and employee name. Applicants may also bring a memo from their employer validating the name of the employee and the address of the business. The address of your employment location determines the zone in which you are eligible to park (See address locations below)

On-Street Permit Parking Zones:

Your business or residence address determines your designated zone. Permit holders may park anywhere within the designated zone.

Parking Permit Zones and Rates

Please refer to zone location map above.  Download the printable version of the parking permit information.

For additional parking information in the Borough of Pottstown, visit the parking webpage  or download the informational flyer.