Mission Statement

The mission of the Borough of Pottstown is to provide responsive, innovative, and cost effective services.

Core Values

The core values of the Borough of Pottstown are:


We will obligate ourselves to account for all of our actions and accept responsibility for those actions.


We will provide the highest quality service with the resources available to meet the changing needs of the Borough.


We are aware of the importance of our natural, historic, social, and economic resources and will strive to preserve their sustainability for future generations.


We will strive to uphold the public trust by conducting ourselves with integrity, setting high standards in our personal, professional, and organizational conduct.


We will demonstrate respect by how we treat each other, by the contributions that come from our diversity, by the productivity of our relationships, and by a job well done!


We are dedicated to educate, promote, and encourage the practice of safety for all who live, work and play in our community.


We will operate collaboratively with an intense focus on a common goal, recognizing that we can always achieve more by working together.


We will uphold the public trust placed in us by adhering to these Core values.