Applications & Permits

  • Conditional Use Application (PDF) - Use this application to request a zoning conditional use from the Pottstown Borough Council.
  • Planning Application (PDF) - Use this application for subdivisions, land developments, or both.
  • Zoning Application (PDF) - Use this application for requests for a variance, a special exception, an appeal from determination, a challenge to the validity of the land use ordinance, and any other appeal from determination by a zoning officer, body, or agency of the borough charged with the administration of any land use ordinance.
  • Waiver of Land Development (PDF) - Use this application to request a waiver of the full land development process.
  • Starting a Business (PDF) - Commercial Use - This application is necessary whether relocating, considering a new business venture, or expanding into the Borough. It is also necessary prior to converting commercial uses to residential uses and vice versa, merging uses, etc. 

Questions may be directed to the Licensing and Inspections Director, by emailing Keith Place or calling at 610-970-6520.