Applications & Permits

  • Zoning Review and Permitted Use -  A guide to opening, relocating, considering a new business venture, or expanding into the Borough. It is also necessary prior to converting commercial uses to residential uses and vice versa, merging uses, etc.
  • Conditional Use Application (PDF) - Use this application to request a zoning conditional use from the Pottstown Borough Council.
  • Planning Application (PDF) - Use this application for subdivisions, land developments, or both.
  • Zoning Application (PDF) - Use this application for requests for a variance, a special exception, an appeal from determination, a challenge to the validity of the land use ordinance, and any other appeal from determination by a zoning officer, body, or agency of the borough charged with the administration of any land use ordinance.
  • Waiver of Land Development (PDF) - Use this application to request a waiver of the full land development process.

Questions may be directed to the Zoning Officer by emailing Winter Stokes.